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DC Slash Fic Index

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Before there was Livejournal, there were the lists. This index began as a project to index the DC comic slash posted to those lists. Hopefully, this medium will prove more user-friendly.

Use the memories to find fic by character.

Fic posted on LJ is being indexed at the marvelous dcfic_index.

If fics aren't archived, you might be able to find them on the lists where they were originally posted. Please check these lists before emailing me, since if there's no webpage listed I'll probably have to simply go back to the lists as well. (Current update: March 2006.)

Lists with DC comics slash content:
Batslash Bat-related slash.
Comicslash All-companies comic slash.
DCcomicslash Strictly DC comic slash.
F/F comicslash Comic slash about f/f parings.
NC17ToonFiction Comics and anime slash and het fic.
Arsenal/Nightwing Slash Dick/Roy list.

Caveat: This is a *fic listing,* not a recommended reading list. Quality is, as ever, in the eye of the beholder. YMMV.

Unless otherwise noted, all characters on these pages are copyright DC Comics. Stories are not for profit, no infringement intended by use.


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smittywing, Filthy Assistant

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apollo/midnighter, arsenal/nightwing, arthur curry, barbara gordon, batgirl, batgirl/robin, batgirl/spoiler, batgirl/supergirl, batman, batman/martian manhunter, batman/nightwing, batman/superman, batslash, beetle/booster, birds of prey, black canary/oracle, boostle, bruce wayne, bruce wayne/harvey dent, bruce/arthur, bruce/clark, bruce/connor, bruce/dick, bruce/harvey, bruce/j'onn, bruce/jason, bruce/jason blood, bruce/jim, bruce/kyle, bruce/lex, bruce/michael holt, bruce/terry, bruce/tim, cass/steph, cassandra cain, cassie/cissie, cassie/rose, charles mcnider, cissie king-jones, clark kent, clark/dick, clark/jimmy, clark/lex, connor hawke, connor/kyle, dc universe, diana, dick grayson, dick/bruce, dick/clark, dick/garth, dick/jason, dick/jason blood, dick/jason todd, dick/jean-paul valley, dick/joey, dick/kyle, dick/ollie, dick/roy, dick/slade, dick/wally, dinah lance, dinah/babs, dinah/helena, femslash, frostbite/offramp, garfield logan, garth, gotham, grace/anissa, green arrow/green lantern, green lantern/green arrow, hal/ollie, harley/ivy, hartley rathaway, harvey dent, hero cruz, j'onn j'onzz, jack knight, jack knight/sanderson hawkins, jack/sand, james jesse, jason blood, jason todd, jla, joey wilson, john constantine, jsa, justice league, justice league elite, justice league of america, justice society, kon-el, kon/bart, kon/connor, kon/tim, koriand'r, kory/raven, kyle rayner, kyle/connor, kyle/wally, legion of super-heroes, lex luthor, lex/bruce, maggie sawyer, metropolis, nightwing, nightwing/arsenal, nightwing/batman, nightwing/tempest, oliver queen, ollie/hal, oracle/black canary, outsiders, pieter cross, pink kryptonite, piper, renee montoya, robin/robin, robin/superboy, roy harper, roy/connor, roy/dick, roy/garth, roy/kyle, roy/tim, sand hawkins, savant/creote, selina kyle, slade wilson, slash, steph/cass, stephanie brown, superboy/impulse, superboy/robin, superman, superman/batman, superman/nightwing, teen titans, the outsiders, tim drake, tim/bart, tim/dick, tim/jason, tim/kon, tim/kon/bart, titans, todd rice, young heroes in love, young justice

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